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Immune Support provides a comprehensive immune enhancing formulation designed to deliver key nutrients alongside a powerful combination of botanical extracts.

In recent history, researchers around the globe have been uncovering the relationships between nutrient deficiency and the bodies ability to defend itself.

Key ingredients, such as Vitamin C, E, B6, glutamine and Zinc supports the bodies systems down to the cellular level. More recently, dramatic discoveries have come to light showing the correlation between our gut ecology and our immune response.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus has undergone numerous studies demonstrating its effectiveness in supporting balance in these systems. Furthermore, after centuries of effective use, botanical extracts provide unique functions and synergistic benefits to our body’s response and ecosystem.

Carefully produced extracts from Elderberry and Turmeric concentrate the compounds shown to be of benefit to the body’s immune response.

Micronized powders from Echinacea and garlic help ensure delivery and absorption and assimilation.